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The Benefits of Pneumatic Forklift Tyres

Forklifts are an indispensable material movement vehicle that play a vital role in the logistics and warehousing industries.

They offer myriad benefits in terms of material management, operational safety, and business performance. However, forklift owners need to pay special attention to forklift hardware parts. From engine fluids and control panels to forklift tyres, there are several parts of vehicles that must be maintained and checked regularly.

This article talks about a unique yet highly advantageous forklift part known as pneumatic tyres. If you’re new to forklift operations and wondering how pneumatic tyres can improve your forklifting performance, this article’s for you.

Pneumatic Tyres Features

Pneumatic forklift tyres feature high capacity, all-terrain friendly, and solid. They’re impeccable at improving forklift control and balance. Pneumatic forklift tyres are very solid and tight. They have significantly high air pressure and are usually reinforced using steel panels and belts.

Pneumatic tyres have a higher inside air pressure, and hence, they stay inflated for a longer period and ensure maximum forklift safety.

Cushion tyres, on the contrary, cannot be pressurized to a greater extent. This is solely why forklift operators and maintenance experts recommend pneumatic tyre installation for safer operations.

Forklift tyre maintenance

Advantages of Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic forklift tyres offer the following unique benefits:

1.   Improved Load Capacity

Load capacity is an essential aspect of forklift maintenance and performance. Every forklift is designed to move different types of material. Pneumatic tyres can be attached to forklifts for safe load handling compared to regular forklift tyres. All in all, an improved load capacity will directly translate into higher productivity.

2.   Better Friction

Pneumatic forklift tyres offer high friction and resistance against the surface. Higher friction means that your forklift will be properly fixed and balanced on the ground. Low friction leads to inadequate resistance and fuel inefficiency. Hence, the experts at RS Forklift Training advise forklift owners to invest in efficient forklift parts such as pneumatic tyres for overall performance improvement.

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