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Everything You Need to Know About Climate Plan B by Biden

gas emissions

Ever since the recent US elections, one thing that has remained the primary focus on the Biden campaign and then administration is the need to fight climate change. The Climate Plan B by Biden was recently announced, and here’s everything you should know about it.

Achieving a 100% Clean Energy Economy

According to President Biden’s Climate Change Plan, there are three primary milestones the government aims to meet to achieve a clean energy economy. This framework indicates that the government is on its way to establishing a roadmap through which Biden will invest a significant amount of funds and resources in research and innovation for clean energy.

Furthermore, these resources will further be allocated to implement the developed clean energy innovations throughout the economy. An exclusive focus will be on communities severely affected by climate change. According to President Biden, he aims to meet this milestone by the end of his term.

Promote the Need for Climate Change Worldwide

Another focus of the Climate Change Plan is education. President Biden understands the significance of educating the world on the urgency of combatting and fighting the issues arising from climate change.

Therefore, the plan contains a framework to provide nations worldwide with the information and resources they need to learn about climate change, how it’s impacting them, and what mechanisms they need to employ to fight back and move towards a greener Earth again.

Resisting Fossil Fuel Companies

Another significant component of the Climate Change Plan is fighting and resisting the organizations that contribute to polluting the Earth and increasing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. These primarily include fossil fuel companies.

The administration plans to restrict the operations of fossil fuel companies that profit from the locals by polluting the environment and limiting people’s access to clean water and air.

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