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3 Ways Acupuncture Enhances Your Sports Performance

The popularity of traditional Chinese acupuncture isn’t limited to medics. It has become equally popular among professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts.


With its pain-relieving and therapeutic effects, acupuncture can improve the sporting activity of athletes. Various acupuncture modalities like cupping and cold laser therapy can reduce pain and accelerate the healing process of athletes post-injury.

Here’s how acupuncture can enhance sporting performance:

How Acupuncture Works For Sports

Top American athletes use acupuncture in combination with other western medicine modalities in their treatment and daily regimes. Acupuncturists are trained therapists who can help your body heal by balancing energy flow across the body.

Sports acupuncturists treat tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, torn ligaments, pulled tendons, back pain, sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, tight hamstrings, golfer’s shoulder, tendon or muscle strain, and much more.

Their expertise includes understanding the patterns presented with different sports injuries. They combine traditional Chinese medicine with diagnostic techniques such as orthopedic evaluation, motion test, manual muscle test, and palpation.

3 Benefits of Acupuncture for Athletes

Relieves Muscles

Athletes stress their muscles which often leads to injuries. Some injuries can limit the body’s mobility and ability to sense the location of the injury. This causes an imbalance in the proprioceptive system – the system responsible for muscle and nervous system communication.

Acupunctures reset the muscles and restore the balance of energy flow across the body. With better communication between the nervous system and muscles, an athlete can move and perform better.

Alleviates Pain

Pain management is an important element of acupuncture therapy. The effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for chronic pain is akin to morphine, noted by The World Health Organization. By clinically trigging pain-relieving chemicals, acupuncture alleviates pain from sports-related injuries more naturally and rapidly.

Your sports acupuncturist can directly treat the pain to decrease inflammation and boost the healing process for an enhanced range of motion. The reason many athletes opt for acupuncture therapy is to avoid invasive treatment and medications with side effects.

Quick Recovery

As an athlete, nothing pains you more than your inability to play because of injury. Acupuncture can heal injuries and pain quickly. A torn muscle can be put back and soreness can be healed instantly and you can go back to playing your favorite sport.


An acupuncturist inserting a needle

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