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4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Making Noise?

4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Making Noise?

Garage doors generally do not come into conversations, but if your garage door is creating an annoying noise, even your neighbors will ask you to take a look at it. These noises could sound like rattling, squeaking, popping, or grinding. One should never ignore these, as they can be the result of a problem.

You don’t want yourself or anyone else to get hurt from a faulty garage door. Residential garage door accidents are pretty common, especially around children.

You can get residential garage door repair done once you know what the root cause of those annoying sounds is.  Here are 4 reasons why your garage door is making noises.

Unbalanced door

An unbalanced garage door can result in scraping sounds; these noises will keep growing if you don’t fix the problem. An unbalanced door is hazardous and unreliable, as it can fall over anytime.

The scraping sound indicates that your door is rubbing against the house since it’s not properly aligned.

Loose tension springs

Rumbling noises coming from your garage door usually indicate that your tension springs are loose. If the wrong types or sizes of springs were used during installation, you may pay a hefty price for this later.

The noise could be emerging from the door hitting the ground since the springs are loose. Have a professional install your overhead garage doors so you don’t have to worry about this in the future.

Little to no lubrication

Is a squeaking sound coming from your garage door while it’s in motion? This is due to the lack of lubrication in the garage door’s parts. Ensure regular garage door maintenance, including a good garage door lubricant, which will prevent further damage.

Improper installation

Vibrating sounds may occur when contractors add a single spring rather than 2. Or they do not invest in high-quality rollers and panels. Your Garage Door Guys takes this nightmare away with their quality products and services.

To avoid any hefty cost on your garage door installation and repair, you need to get a reputable garage door company such as Your Garage Door Guys who have experts on their teams. The company was founded by Bill Lucas in 1992, located in California they provide services in 8 cities.

The company offers residential garage door repair and commercial garage door repair. They also have experts that are exceptional at garage door balancing.


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