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Commercial Building after a Pressure Washing Service

Types Of Pressure Washing Services You Can Try


Pressure washing as a cleaning method has become quite popular in recent years as it’s a convenient solution for outdoor cleaning. Let’s go through some basic pressure washing techniques used to clean exteriors of commercial and residential power washing services.

Techniques of Pressure Washing

Choosing the Correct Nozzle

A Woman Holding A Pressure Washer Nozzle

For pressure washing services to be effective, one needs to use the correct nozzles and tips. For instance, if one wants to remove a stubborn stain from their stone walk or pavement, they should use a 0-degree angle. However, if they want to remove debris surrounding their home, they will use a wider angle such as 25 or 45 degrees. Please ensure that the nozzle tip is fixed to the washer before using it.

Using Chemicals

Use only non-toxic chemicals and cleaning solutions, or else they may end up damaging the pressure washer as well as the surface they’re supposed to clean.

Test the Power

First, test the power supply of your washer. Start with less power when cleaning and slowly buildup power to keep the objects being cleaned safe.

Know What You Need to Clean

Extra caution is needed when using a pressure washer around windows, shrubs, plants, vents, or light fixtures. These objects can easily break or get damaged if aimed at directly. Always keep the nozzle pointing downwards to avoid sidings from collapsing.

Benefits of Pressure Washing 

If one wishes to avoid a situation where they have to invest time and energy in replacing a stained deck or windows, then pressure washing may be the answer. Pressure washing is a way in which the life of an object can be improved. Some of the many benefits of pressure washing are mentioned below.

Increases Value of Property

Pressure washing for businesses, commercial and residential properties can add up to $15,000-$20,000 to their value. Pressure washing services also prevent deterioration of the property’s exterior walls, sidings, pavements, and fences.

Prevent accidents 

A broken leg or arm, a sprain, or a head injury is much less likely if the deck, pavement, and sidewalk of commercial or residential property are grime-free.

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