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5 Ways to Survive Nursing School Stress-Free

Studying at nursing schoolNursing schools are becoming highly competitive with their tricky schedules, challenging examinations, and stockpiling assignments. All-nighters become a daily occurrence, with certification hours and internships adding more to the plate. All of these make for quite the mixture for stressed-out students. The added pressure of the coronavirus pandemic makes you want to think that becoming a nurse isn’t for the faint-hearted. In several places, nursing education has switched to virtual learning, which hasn’t done students any favours either.

There, there; all of this bitter truth stated above wasn’t meant to make nursing school seem impossible for you. Nurses are the heroes of modern times who devote their health, time, and lives to keep their patients alive. Here’s an extensive guide on tips to survive the nursing school in Ontario, Canada, with minimal stress from the former registered nurse, Priya Basil:


1.    Maintaining a Schedule

The nursing school sure does have a lot to throw at you, and the only way to catch it all is to remain organized through the year. Setting a schedule can help you minimize stress and maximize success. Think of nursing school as a marathon rather than a sprint to avoid experiencing the much-dreaded burnout. You will need to dedicate hours to studying post attending school to better manage everyday tasks alongside. Approach nursing school with a habit of study, this makes for a much smoother ride. If you fail to study alone, you can collaborate with a study group to prepare for exams.

2.    Mix and Match – Study and Exercise

If your stress levels continue to spike, you’re going to have to pull in exercise with your study sessions to relieve your body from stress. Exercising regularly will help you improve memory and thinking skills to retain the information as you study. This gives your mind a much-needed mental break, which in turn facilitates your mental health. You can also exercise while studying — think: quizzing your classmates during a brisk walking session.  Expose yourself to learning opportunities and perspectives while making your way through, you never know what might hit you in the midst of it!

3.    Review Notes after Class

This is your sign to start writing down the notes; students who draft their notes using a pen and paper are more likely to retain the information as handwriting builds motor memory.

After a long day of attending back-to-back classes, reviewing your notes is the last thing you’d be up for, but this could save you trouble when preparing for exams. Aim to retain as much information as you can through the semester to avoid cramming for exams when the time is limited. Practise reviewing your notes to solidify what you learned in school; this makes nursing school more manageable. If you don’t understand a topic, reach out to your professors, time and time again for resources, rather than getting swallowed up by the crowd. Sometimes, all you really need to make it through is a positive outlook.

A nurse4.    Eat Well

To make it through nursing school, you’re going to want to rely on more than just caffeine shots. Furthermore, the on-the-fly meals will only make you lose the connection between your mind and body. The exhaustion will plummet your performance as the to-do list extends. Nourishing your body can help you reduce stress significantly. Instead of opting for unhealthy comfort foods to binge on during study sessions, opt for healthy foods that release calming chemicals into your brain. The more self-care you practise during this time, the lesser your chances of experiencing burnout during nursing school and while nursing.

5.    Think Your Goals Through

In the world of nursing, you’re going to come across different styles of tests. Your reaction to these tests may not necessarily be wrong, but it may also not be the best course of action. You’re going to have to step outside the box to take an approach that’s entirely different from what you believed to be true. Getting into a habit of thinking analytically will save you from the last-minute ‘panic attack’.

Precautions taken by nurses during medical procedures

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