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Essential Blood Tests Everyone Should Get Regularly

Blood tests are known to be one of the best diagnostic tests. They give a thorough look at an individual’s health, whether you’re a patient living with autoimmune disease or a woman battling ovarian cancer.

Blood tests have been the most preferred way of diagnosing a patient. With the pandemic still raging, your physician may even ask you to opt for blood draw at home services to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Hereditary diseases can be easily detected by regular blood tests, including illnesses such as diabetes, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s, obesity, and even breast cancer. Health experts believe that you can start to treat diseases before the symptoms start to cause harm to your body. But what are blood tests should you be getting regularly?

CBC(Complete Blood Count)

A complete blood count is a general blood test that helps monitor your hemoglobin, RBCs, WBCs, and platelets levels. If even one of these basic components is out of the normal range, your doctor will start treatment.

A routine laboratory testing will help your general practitioner understand your symptoms by deducting the levels of inflammation.

Lab technician working on a blood sample

TP (Thyroid Panel)

Thyroid cancer affects more adults than it does children. Most people do not even realize they have an overactive thyroid till they’re experiencing serious symptoms. But an inflamed thyroid affects a considerable percentage of the American population.

Papillary thyroid cancer makes 70-80% of thyroid cancer. Misreading thyroid symptoms is common, so a mobile blood draw can help you detect it early on.

STD(sexually transmitted diseases)

You do not want to be shocked by a sexually transmitted disease when it is too late. Physicians recommend that you get STD tests done every three months. Don’t skip protection but get regular blood tests to check for STDs, especially if you’re having sex with various partners.

These are some essential blood tests that one should get done frequently. With all that said, it’s always important to make sure you’re consulting with a doctor about all medical treatments.

The best part of blood tests is that you only require a lab technician and equipment, which Phlebotomy on Wheels can provide for you. They provide laboratory services in Maryland and Virginia at affordable rates!  Get in touch with them to book their services today.


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