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6 Steps for Writing an Impressive Short Story Essay

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Good writing skills can help students express their creativity and showcase their knowledge. A student who gains command over both creative and academic writing is destined for linguistic success. Short story writing is a creative form of writing that can be used both formally and informally. High school and college students often have to write short story essays for their literature courses, which many find difficult. To make this task easier, follow our 6-step guide and impress your audience with your linguistic capabilities.

1. Come Up with an Idea

Find an idea that inspires you while keeping your audience in mind. Don’t think of something over-the-top and start with something simple. Pick an idea that you can elaborate on and have knowledge about.

2. Write Down the Structure

If your teacher or professor has provided you with a definite structure for the essay, use it to pan out the entire story. If you are allowed to make up your own structure, use your instincts. Include an interesting beginning, climax, and a satisfying ending in this structure.

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3. Start Strong

The beginning of your story will determine its fate and inspire the reader to continue reading. Mention an incident or an insight right at the start of the story. This will keep the reader intrigued and interested and make your custom academic essays exciting.

4. Channel your Inner Creativity

When writing a short story essay, don’t limit yourself and use as many metaphors as you like. The story should reflect your thinking process and keep the reader guessing about the ending.

5. An Unexpected Ending

The more surprised your reader gets by the end, the more impressed they will be. Finish your story strong by revealing something unexpected right at the end.

6. Keep it Coherent

Make sure every single sentence in the story adds value to the entire piece. Omit out anything that deviates from the central theme of your story.

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