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A person wearing a black and red letterman jacket.

3 Amazing Ways to Style a Letterman Jacket

A letterman jacket, also called a baseball jacket or varsity jacket, has gained much popularity due to the different prints, designs, and colors. Knowing how to style a letterman jacket is important now more than ever as this outerwear has become popular among colleges and schools.

The jacket has become an accessible piece of fashion because you don’t necessarily have to be an athlete to wear a letterman jacket. But do remember that it’s still called the uniform of winners.

This is why you must style it accordingly. Let’s discuss a few amazing ways you can style your letterman jacket.

1. Bright And Dark Hues

If you’re customizing letter jackets online, you can try some bright hues paired with dark hues like navy blue, red, or black. Try to balance the tone of the colors. If one piece of your dress is of a dark shade, the jacket must be of a lighter shade. This way, you will add a touch of sophistication and can steal the show with your letterman jacket.

2. White Hoodie with A Letterman Jacket

When you’re looking for a confident style with a blue or black letterman jacket, a white hoodie paired with jeans is a tried-and-true combination. This combination is easy to style as well. What’s more, adding a pair of white sneakers makes the entire apparel feel connected and well put together. You can also try experimenting with metallic accessories or a pair of black loafers to spice it all up.

3. The Classic Style

A classic style appearance through a letterman jacket is easily possible. All you need to do is look for a pair of black pants that go with the letterman jacket. Black-colored pants with black-colored letterman jackets fit perfectly and add a pinch of minimalism. Add a pair of brown boots on top of that, and you have a classic ensemble complete with the letterman jacket.

A person wearing a letterman jacket.


Custom-made letter jackets give you all the customization and style freedom you want. You can place your name, graduation year, achievements, and a lot more on these jackets. If you’re looking to shop letterman jackets online, National Achiever has got you covered.

With their custom imprinting services for letter jackets, they guarantee quality and attention to detail. Their vast selection of products includes letterman jackets,  graduation products, graduation accessories, and custom branded gear and apparel! Contact them today to find out more about their products and services.


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