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Benefits of Using Telemedicine for Seniors

Benefits of Using Telemedicine for Seniors

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Technology has made our lives more manageable, and one such technological product that has gained popularity recently is telemedicine. Telemedicine has started playing a critical role in elderly healthcare as an online healthcare service, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Thousands of senior citizens have benefited from this online service as it provides them with an excellent support system without visiting the doctor.

Through telemedicine, elderly patients book a phone or video consultation with an online doctor, and the doctor provides them with a diagnosis and treatment in the comfort of their homes. Telemedicine has proved beneficial for senior citizens, and they have taken advantage of this solution to protect themselves and their close ones against the spread of the Omicron and Delta variants.

Telemedicine offers several advantages for the elderly, including;

Remote Monitoring Made Possible

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Around 85% of the senior citizens have at least two or more chronic conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. Patients with these conditions need regular checkups, and sometimes they require emergency checkups. With telemedicine, all chronic condition patients are taken in for consultations whenever needed. They no longer have to bear the hassle of being physically present before the doctor for a diagnosis.

This practice is quite convenient while at the same time it also lets one save up on transportation costs. There are various telemedicine applications available online that allow patients to check their condition themselves and then send reports to an online doctor, asking for a diagnosis.

Reduced Chance of Hospital Admission

With telemedicine, virtual doctors are available round the clock. Since senior citizens can get in touch with their doctors almost anytime, leading to lower chances of them requiring hospitalization. Online healthcare service has bridged the gap between patients and healthcare providers. Through this service, the healthcare providers can closely monitor their patient’s situation hence detecting a medical problem before it spirals out of control.

Hospital Germs are Avoided

Often, an elderly patient goes to the hospital to get treatment for a medical condition. In conventional appointments where the physical presence is essential, the senior patients are prone to get infected by those hospital germs. Telemedicine eliminates all such risks of getting infected and also eliminates further complications from arising.

However, for telemedicine to work, the seniors need to accept the whole idea of a virtual doctor as here trust is a vital component between the doctor and the patient. FASTDOCNOW helps the seniors get better with technology. Their virtual doctors are available for online consultations and queries from 8 am CST to 12 am CST.

Contact them here to learn more about their online consultation and prescription services.


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