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A Guide to Becoming a Certified Forklift Operator in the UK

Learning and mastering the art of using a forklift is quite a big achievement. For starters, you’re not just learning about driving a forklift, but also diving deep into the core of material management procedures.

Attaining professional and accredited certification in forklift operations is also very beneficial for rapid career progression. Operators, bother seasoned and beginners need to avail forklift training in the UK to stay up-to-date about the latest industry best practices.

Since a forklift is considered a heavy, complex material movement vehicle, you need to have a robust grip on its control system, navigation options, and manoeuvring tackles. Fortunately, the modern supply chain and logistics industry’s demand for forklift operators is rising by the day. And now’s the best time to get certified and professionally trained to secure your dream job!

How to Get a Forklift License in the UK?

In the UK, every aspiring individual who wants to build a career as a forklift driver and manager has one question in mind: How to get a forklift license in the UK?

Well, the answer is simple. You need to comply with local and federal policies and regulations and avail the necessary forklift training first.

The entire licensing process depends on your local training and certification’s effectiveness.

Forklift operators wearing masks and helmets

Authorised Requirements for Forklift Training

The purpose of legal requirements when it comes to forklift training is to maintain and enhance workplace safety to prevent employee injuries and deaths. Several forklift accidents lead to severe employee injuries, impairing them or even causing long-lasting damages.

This is why certain legal requirements are put into place that are explained by the UK’s National Career Service. To become a certified forklift operator, an individual must be at least sixteen years of age. And if they wish to work at a professional dock or port, the minimum age bracket is eighteen.

In addition, the requirements also stipulate that forklift drivers must pass drug tests and be of sound health. It’s a common practice for employers to conduct basic screening before hiring a new forklift operator.

The Contents of Forklift Training Programmes

To become a certified forklift trainer, candidates are taught about basic forklifting operations, controls, limit capacities, load management, inspection, and safety protocols. Reliable and leading forklift training institutes like the RS Forklift Training also offer specific training courses such as Bendi forklift training and scissor forklift training.

Why Must You Entrust RS Forklift Training in the UK?

RS Forklift training is an RTITB accredited forklift training institute providing a complete one-stop solution for forklift training programmes at affordable prices in West Midland, United Kingdom.

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