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3 Types of Forklift Pallets You Must Know About

In the modern material management industry, choosing and working with the right type of forklift pallet has become quite important. Businesses are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and hence, choosing eco-friendlier and sustainable pallet materials.

Moreover, the increasing industry competition has led to a marathon for making one’s business stand out using effective work procedures and tools. And, as a warehouse or supply chain unit, you must focus on improving forklift safety. This is when choosing the right type of pallets plays a big part. From order pickers, reach trucks, pallet jacks and pallet stackers to high-capacity forklifts, different types of forklifts require different types of pallets.

So let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Two-Way Pallets

The first, most common type of forklift pallet is a two-way pallet. These are designed to fit the front and rear end of forklifts, but can restrict easy stacking operations.

Two-way forklift pallets require expertise and grit around forklift manoeuvring and controlling aspects. Hence, it’s necessary to avail professional forklift training in the UK to become an expert at using two-way pallets. Two-way pallets are economical and easier to handle than four-way pallets.

2.  Four-Way Pallets

Pallet jack and heavy-duty forklifts couple with four-way pallets for the ultimate forklifting productivity. Four-way forklift pallets are safer and more efficient than any other counterparts.

These pallets offer benefits in terms of manoeuvrability and forklift control, ensuring holistic load management safety and space optimisation. While four-way pallets may prove heavy on pockets, but they’re worth every pound!

3. Wood Pallets

The global manufacturing, production line, warehousing, and retail industry heavily relies on wood pallets. These products are sustainable, recyclable, and above all, bio-degradable. Choosing wooden pallets can play a vital role in making your business energy and ecosystem-friendly.

However, working with wooden pallets in rainy and damp areas can be a challenge. Wood can easily harbour mould and bacteria resulting from the humidity. As a result, material movement using damaged and damp wooden pallets can lead to accidents and tripping.

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