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A Red Drink Mid-Splash with Ice in It

A Guide to Using the Right Type of Ice for Every Cocktail



Commercial ice machines for restaurants and other food and beverage establishments are usually very particular about the shape of their ice, and for good reason, too. Different shapes cover different surface areas.


To that end, here’s how to know you’re using the right type of ice for all your cocktails.

Dilution Isn’t Always a Bad Things


You might think a watered-down cocktail is the worst thing in the world, but the truth may not be as cut and dry. Dilution isn’t always bad for your cocktails. In some cases, water can actually accentuate certain aromas and downplay the ones that don’t age very well.


If you’re in the business of mixing cocktails, you shouldn’t look to minimize dilution. You should seek to control it. Size and shape aren’t the only things that determine how fast an ice cube will melt. Quality also plays an important role.


High-end commercial ice machines offer more control over dilution than low-end and older ice machines, which is something you might want to consider if you’re looking to optimize dilution.

The “When” of Bigger Ice Cubes


Large ice cubes almost cover the entirety of the glass, meaning the drink to ice ratio is heavily skewed in the latter’s favor from the onset. The melt rate of these huge ice cubes is generally slower than smaller ice cubes. This means you should only use them in drinks that either can’t afford any dilution or are extremely spirit-forward.


Bigger ice cubes add less water to your cocktails, maintaining their integrity for an extended period. Serve a splash of your spirit-forward cocktails over this rock, but don’t use it when mixing drinks because it’ll mess up your dilution.




The “When” of Flaked Ice


Drinks that are heavy on syrups and juices and served in warmer climes could benefit from flaked or crushed ice. These flakes would dissolve relatively quickly, diluting the syrupy flavors as the drink takes in the surrounding environment.


Flaked ice is also great for diluting spirit-forward cocktails served in larger portions while also keeping them chilled in warmer seasons. However, since it dissolves fairly rapidly you might want to keep a close eye on the quality of your machine. If it’s dispensing cloudy ice flakes, you might have extra-fast dilution on your hands.


The “When” of Standard Ice Cubes


Standard ice cubes are pretty great, especially if you’re dispensing them from a machine, not manually. These cubes come out in consistent sizes, which means they have a consistent melt rate.


They work with pretty much every drink and cocktail out there, meaning you only have to maintain the ice machine to stay in control of the dilution.


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