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Solar Panel Maintenance: A Quick Guide

If you feel that your solar panels aren’t performing as they should be, it’s probably time to call up professional Solar Panel Cleaning services. Although solar panels are quite durable and low-maintenance, it is essential to get them cleaned once in a while to get the most value.

Solar panels are constantly exposed to heat, dirt, and weather conditions like snowfall, and even the slightest buildup on the surface can stop them from running smoothly. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance to ensure its optimal performance.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Generally, you need to get the solar panel cleaned 2–4 times a year, but creating a cleaning schedule will help you stick to a routine. You will know beforehand when to schedule the next solar panel cleaning session without leaving them unchecked for long.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

In San Francisco, the weather is mostly clear, which helps solar panels operate efficiently. However, it’s best to perform regular visual inspections, at least once a month, to know if there is an issue that needs to be checked, such as:

  • Cracks on the solar panels
  • Snail Trail or discoloration of the panels
  • Internal corrosion resulting in darker spots

Another great practice to ensure the solar panel captures and provides efficient energy is to have a solar panel cleaning company perform an inspection. Being professionals, they will have a much better understanding.

Check Energy Output Stats

Other than routine inspections, there can be times when your solar system might get damaged or dirty due to the weather. If you feel that your electricity bill has suddenly increased or the energy output has decreased, these are the two main signs for solar panel maintenance.

Can I Clean the Solar Panel Myself?

Sometimes there are microscopic cracks or internal rusting which require immediate attention. You might damage the panels, or worse, hurt yourself while cleaning them. The money you save on these services by trying DIY methods might cost you more in the future if the problem worsens.

Considering the huge investment you’ve made in your solar panels, hiring a solar panel cleaning company is best to make the most out of them.


Man performing solar panel cleaning on the rooftop

Schedule Your Next Cleaning Appointment

Whether you feel like your solar panel is not performing well or it’s been a while since you last cleaned it, you can schedule an appointment with Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions.. They are a cleaning services company in Bay Area that handles solar panel cleaning, roof cleaning, window cleaning and more for all properties.

You can call them to schedule a cleaning session.


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