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Popular Types of Impact Windows for Your Florida Home

Popular Types of Impact Windows for Your Florida Home

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If you are a homeowner in a coastal region such as Pensacola, Florida, or Daphne, Alabama, you may want to consider getting impact windows installed in your home. Impact windows are also called hurricane windows for their superior ability to protect a home against the impact of hurricanes, storms, gales, and hail. You can choose a trusted window provider to get impact windows in FL.

Impact windows can be found in various materials, including vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Here are some popular types of impact windows that you can choose for your Florida home.

Impact glass windows

Impact glass windows are also known as impact-resistant windows. They are made of sturdy frames which are coated in laminated glass. The silicone laminating holds the glass securely in place against the frame. Impact-resistant windows are known for their ability to protect the house against strong winds and extreme weather.

Single-hung impact windows

Single-hung impact windows can be made out of wood, vinyl, or aluminum. They have two sashes, but only the bottom sash can be slid up or down. If you slide it up, it allows hot air to exit the house, while sliding it down will conserve heat energy in the house.

Double-hung impact windows

Double-hung impact windows have two movable sashes. The lighter hot air flows out of the house through the top sash, while colder air can enter the house through the bottom sash. Double-hung impact windows add a great aesthetic element to the house in addition to protecting it against bad weather.

You can reach out to a reputed window provider for double-hung windows in FL.

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impact windows in FL

If you’re looking to install good quality impact windows in your Florida home, get in touch with EcoView Windows. They’re a trusted provider of windows and fiberglass doors in Pensacola. Their energy-efficient windows in FL add ambiance to your home as well as protect its structure against weather damage. Through the years, they have faithfully served countless homeowners across the Gulf Coast states of Alabama and Florida. You can reach out to them for inquiries about their double-hung windows in AL or if you need to install single-hung windows in FL. Contact them on their website or send them a message to get a free quote for their services


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