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Drought in Somalia

Drought Impact and Needs in Somalia

Somalia is once again experiencing the prospect of a severe drought. With each passing day, pasture and water resources are depleting, compelling people to abandon their homes along with their livestock. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic conflict along with the drought can lead to new records of displacement in the coming years. 

What Do The Statistics Say?

The PRMN highlighted that more than 1 million Somalis were displaced by conflict, floods, and drought in 2020. This was the highest it’s ever been since 2016. Droughts have previously also ravaged the country, causing widespread uncertainty and suffering.

Looking back at the 2011 Drought

Although it’s been a decade since the disaster struck, more than 2,000 Somalis are still affected by the hunger crisis. According to a CARE survey, about 77.5% of the community said the biggest challenge they faced last year was the drought. Lack of water and food has increased the burden on Somali women. What’s even worse is that funding is even low; these circumstances compel women and children to walk great distances to get water.

Drought affecting the livelihood of people in Somalia

2016-2017 Drought

Another drought in the 2016-2017 drought brought Somalia to famine. More than 6.7 million people are experiencing food insecurity and require humanitarian support. The scarcity of safe drinking water in the country has also resulted in Acute Watery Diarrhea and Cholera bringing 800 fatalities. The drought also caused livestock deaths and crop failures, which directly affected the livelihoods and food supply.

Drought Impact & Needs Assessment

The Federal Government of Somalia requested WB/GFDRR, EU, and UNDP support to conduct a comprehensive Drought Impact & Needs Assessment. According to the report, the current damages were estimated to be about USD 1.02 billion, and losses amounted to over 2 billion. The overall damage is estimated to touch USD 3.25 billion, and the needs are more than 1.5 billion.

The agricultural with 28% and municipal services with 17% are areas that require the most support. Based on the DINA, the project plans recovery interventions and investments supported by external partners.

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