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How to Improve Compliance Training with an LMS

Organizations must often train their employees to adhere to organizational policies and guidelines to cultivate a safe and respectful working environment. Then, there are also industry-specific regulations that organizations must consider. For instance, your business might have to comply with the GDPR if you have customers from the European Economic Zone. Likewise, healthcare organizations must comply with HIPAA rules to prevent issues. Other regulatory bodies like OSHA also often have mandates that organizations and employees must follow. Therefore, bringing employees up to speed on the best practices to follow is crucial for organizations.

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training is mandatory training that employees must take. These training sessions are usually mandated by the government and regulatory body within your industry. Compliance training can address work environments, behavior, job-specific laws, or industry-specific regulations.

Regulations often change. Hence, organizations must keep employees updated on the latest changes and renew their knowledge.

Why Does Compliance Training Matter?

Compliance training matters for several reasons. For starters, it helps keep your customers and employees safe. Compliance training also helps with risk management, promoting workplace safety, increasing employee productivity, protecting business reputation, minimizing legal risk, etc.

How an LMS Can Help Improve Compliance Training

Here’s how an LMS can help improve compliance training:

Creating and Rolling Out Courses Quickly

Most learning management systems provide intuitive course creation interfaces, allowing content creators to create courses quickly. These features make compliance training easier because regulations are constantly changing. Your trainers can create new courses to help employees learn about regulation updates or changes, keeping them updated.

Flexible and Engaging Content Delivery

It’s no secret that learning management systems make it easier to deliver engaging content to the end-users. Most learning management systems have mobile applications, meaning employees can access them whenever they want. In addition, LMS platforms support various media formats, meaning you can make your content more compelling by using videos, audio, etc. Some LMS platforms will also let you create interactive learning activities to ensure employees are engaged when studying the course.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

Learning management systems can also help ensure that compliance training is completed timely. Most LMS platforms feature automated reminders and notifications. These notify employees when a new course is added. Some LMS systems will also let you tie training modules to activities that constitute an employee’s normal workday. Hence, the employee will have to complete the training module to finish their work for that specific day. Doing so ensures that employees interact with the training material and update themselves on new compliance regulations.

Comprehensive Assessments and Reporting

Most LMS platforms offer extensive assessment and reporting capabilities. They enable you to track course engagement and completion. In addition, some platforms also automatically grade course participants based on performance.

These assessment and reporting capabilities can be beneficial for organizations. You can leverage analytics to identify trends and statistics from course modules. For instance, you could learn how long it takes employees to finish a specific course. Likewise, you could also use this data to identify where learner engagement dwindles and devise ways to address that problem.

Furthermore, these data and statistics prove beneficial because they enable you to assess performance individually and collectively. You could also identify potential knowledge gaps that exist. You could make more courses to remedy them.

Employees learning about compliance regulations via an LMS


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