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A Custom Business Sign

Everything You Need to Know about Custom Sign Installation

When it comes to picking the right custom business sign for your store, you have many great options to choose from. The kind of business you own should also play a part in deciding which kind of custom sign you should order. For example, storefront signs look great for clothing stores, while channel letter signs go well with restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Here’s all you need to know about custom sign installation for your business.

What are custom signs?

Custom business signs are among the most cost-effective tools you can use to advertise your business. A custom business sign announces the presence of your company to prospective clients and can therefore increase your sales. Many consumers report that they would feel more inclined to enter a store if it had an eye-catching store sign.

A custom business sign has a lot of value in the marketplace because it is usually the first thing people notice about a business. The kind of sign you install will also indicate to people what kind of company they are about to do business with, so choose wisely.

How many kinds of custom signs are there?

There are many different kinds of custom business sign designs. Here are a few of them:

  • Channel letter signs: Channel letter signs consist of individual, three-dimensional letters that usually spell the business’s name. You can spot many such signs on a stroll through your neighborhood.
  • Canopy signs: A kind of exterior sign, canopy signs are attached to a canopy or structural cover above the door or entrance to a store.
  • Strip mall signs: These are typically found in shopping malls that house multiple brands under one roof. They announce, for example, how many restaurants there are in a food court by putting the official logo of each brand on the sign.

A Store Sign In A Window


Find the best company business signs in Fullerton, CA

Are you looking for custom business signs for your company? Check out Anaheim Signs, a leading sign company in Orange County, CA. Their signage experts have over three decades’ experience making custom business signs for their clients across the county.

They make everything from lighted office signs to channel letter signs, custom signs, outdoor, indoor signs, and more.

Get in touch with them on their website to get a free signage quote for your business in Fullerton, CA.


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