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Corner of an oak live-edge table

Here’s Why You Should Get a Live Edge Table in 2022

Made from a raw, leftover slabs of wood, a live edge table is one of the most artistic elements you can add to your home. Amalgamating nature with a sophisticated finish, live-edge tables have now become a vital part of modern interior designs.

Master craftsman George Nakashima was the first to create a modern use of live-edge tables.. After the American settlers, he was the first to incorporate this naturalist element into contemporary architecture and redefined how furniture was used in homes and offices.

What are Live Edge Tables?

Live-edge tables are made from leftover logs or slabs of solid wood. The live-edge tables have at least one corner that’s uneven, imperfect, and reflects the tree’s original cut. Live-edge tables are handmade and thus showcase the highest level of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re someone who wants to invest in a trend that’s going to last long, getting your hands on live-edge tables is a great idea. But in 2022, getting a live-edge table is important for these reasons too.

It’s a Trend – Here to Stay

For the last few years, live-edge tables have been all the rave. And from how it looks, the trend isn’t dying down anytime soon. One can easily see the timeless piece of live-edge tables becoming a part of your family’s heirloom furniture. Generation after generation, you can improve your home’s interior design with a live-edge table.

A glass pot on live-edge wooden table

It’s Unique

A live-edge table is made from a single slab of wood that’s directly cut from the tree. This means that there’s no other slab like this one, and no amount of craftsmanship can replicate your piece. If you have a knack for novel things, this is your thing.

It’s Versatile – And Vast in Options

Whether you want a coffee table or a console, a  Macassar ebony or an acacia live edge table, there are all sorts of options available. You can choose from different woods, colors, styles, and shapes when it comes to live-edge tables.

Bring the Nature into Your Home

A live-edge table is going to bring nature inside of your home. If you’re looking forward to style, class, durability, and functionality, shop for  live-edge tables. For bespoke tables and living room furniture made of acacia wood, get in touch with LTJ Arbor today.


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