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Macassar ebony solid wood table

What is Macassar Ebony?

One of the rarest and most sought-after types of wood in the world is the Macassar ebony. Grown in the Sulawesi island of Indonesia, this wood is expensive, exotic, and loved by woodworkers. If you’re thinking of getting a solid wood table in your home, then Macassar ebony is the best choice. Particularly, if you’re looking to make a style statement with your furnishings.

But before you head out to shop for Macassar ebony furniture, here’s everything you need to know about this rare wood.

Macassar Ebony – An Overview

Macassar ebony is grown in the Sulawesi island of Indonesia. The main part of the island spelled Makassar is where the name of the wood comes from. The 65-feet tall tree of Macassar ebony grows at a very slow pace and thus belongs to a rare group of solid woods.

Owing to this slow pace and unique grains on dark color, Macassar ebony is highly sought-after and expensive too! But if you’re willing to pay a premium for a superior quality bespoke table, it doesn’t get any better than Macassar ebony.

Uses of Macassar Ebony

Macassar ebony is an exotic wood that has deep historical value too. Here’s what the wood is used for:

  1. Asian emperors used Macassar ebony to make cups.
  2. Macassar ebony is widely used to make guitar boards.
  3. The wood is also used to make other musical instruments.
  4. Macassar jewelry boxes and walking sticks are also popular.

    Macassar Ebony Furniture

    Due to its easy carving tendencies and beautiful grain finish, homeowners and furniture makers prefer Macassar ebony furniture too. So if you’re looking to upgrade your furniture, consider Macassar ebony for these reasons:

    Macassar ebony dining table


    Macassar ebony is one of the rarest types of wood. Naturally, the furniture that’s made from this wood is unique in nature and rarely found in most homes.


    You’re surely going to get your money’s worth when you purchase Macassar ebony furniture. It’s exotic, expensive, and appears classy in all home interiors.


    Lastly, Macassar ebony furniture is durable and long-lasting. A custom-made Macassar ebony table is timeless piece that you can even pass on as heirloom furniture.

    Get Your Hands on Macassar Ebony

    If you’re tempted to add a piece of Macassar ebony furniture in your home, reach out to LTJ Arbor. The woodworkers procure acacia wood and Macassar ebony from Thailand to build custom handmade tables, live-edge tables, and living room furniture.


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