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The book cover of 'A Notebook of Love.'

5 Impactful Books about Living with a Mental Illness

Mental health is no joke, and it’s not always easy to deal with. As time passes, your mental challenges can increase in severity if not dealt with properly. Many people opt for therapy, but little do they know that it can get tough to fight your battles due to lack of concentration. People who suffer from mental health challenges often find it difficult to focus or concentrate on the good things or the solution.

Even if they are surrounded by hundreds of people, they will still find it hard to share their emotions with others. In such cases, when the mouth fails to speak, reading motivational and strong words can be of great help for such people. It’s for this reason that many books on mental health exist.

If you’re a person going through this or know someone fighting a mental health battle, then gifting them an exceptional book can be of great help. Here is the list of new books on mental health that you can read to offer relief to yourself or your loved one.

A Notebook of Love by Luis Trivino

‘A Notebook of Love’ is a motivational manual written by Luis Trivino. Luis is a former US Army war veteran who suffered from PTSD, fought separation with his wife, dealt with alcohol addiction, and so much more. The author has expressed his real-life experiences with reference to his family members in his book.

The book comprises different chapters that mention the author’s opinions, emotions, and thoughts regarding mental health and accepting it. He is of the vision that reality should be accepted to deal with it. The book is not just an autobiography but a guiding light to people looking to find hope again. It’s a wonderful, light-hearted, and heart-wrenching read for all.

It’s a must-have book and should be kept in all drawers for a quick read. The book will help people find the true meaning of life and get the courage to deal with their mental health challenges in no time. It’s an exceptionally written book that will open your heart and allow you to feel your emotions and deal with them. You can shop this book from Amazon now.

A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia NasarThe book cover of 'A Beautiful Mind.'

Schizophrenia is a common mental health illness but definitely not an easy one to deal with—the book circles around one of the best mathematicians and his struggle with schizophrenia. The mathematician lived with delusions for more than 30 years and was awarded a Nobel Prize.

The book was also made into a movie starring Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe, which also bagged a lot of awards. The book is more than 400 pages, so it’s not something that you can finish overnight.

The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling by Wai Chim

The book is an exceptional way of expressing that love, understanding, and hope can aid in dealing with mental illness. The book is about a girl, Anna Chiu, who is helping her father with the restaurant, looking after her siblings, and dealing with her mother suffering from psychosis.

Anna Chiu falls in love with the new delivery boy, which leads to straining relationship at home with themselves and one another. It’s one of the best books that can teach you to get close to a person with mental illness and how to deal with them peacefully.

Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett

Another amazing novel on mental health challenges is ‘Imagine Me Gone’ which shows that children with depressed parents are likely to be depressed as well, which is why it’s essential to deal with it from childhood.

The book includes dark humor to entertain the reader while acknowledging their reality. The book is definitely an eye-opener for a lot of people who are going through crises but are unable to find the root cause of the problem.

A book cover of 'Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.'

The book is about the therapist Lori Gottlieb who suffered a traumatic incident after which she opted for therapy. Professionally she was a doctor, but that did not stop her from tasting her own medicine. Her perspective made her experience both sides of therapy that enlighten her about the change that it can bring to one’s life.

It’s a book on self-discovery where she uncovers truths and lies that we tell ourselves daily. She further ponders the negative impact that these delusions usually have on our health and other parts of life. The book is nothing but a motivational guide to help people open up and get help when it’s required, so they don’t have to face the same trouble ever again.

Closing Thoughts

Mental health should always be taken seriously; therefore, it’s important to consume content that helps you look on the bright side. Get the above-mentioned books and start your mental grooming today!



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