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3 Tips For Living With Social Anxiety

It’s pretty common for people to feel anxious and restless in certain social situations. But living with social anxiety will have you be uneasy about day-to-day occurrences. This could lead you to become a person who’s constantly afraid and suffers from low self-esteem. This could damage your personality and self-growth

This fear and lack of self-confidence shouldn’t become hurdles in enjoying life. Social anxiety disorder can be handled by several methods. Try coping with this disorder with a few of the following suggestions.

Be mindful that these techniques just help you deal with them. If you feel like it’s getting hard to handle, don’t hesitate to reach out to in-person professionals or affordable online counseling service.

Try To Control Your Breathing

Mental health disorders can cause physical changes to the body. Anxiety is one of them. Having an anxiety attack can make you feel out of breath. This can worsen your anxiety. You may experience tension, dizziness, or suffocation. Several exercises can slow down your breathing and return it to normal:

Follow these instructions:

  • Find a comfortable position to sit and relax your back while keeping it straight.
  • Try to loosen your shoulders.
  • Place one of your hands on your chest and the second one on your stomach.
  • Inhale deeply for four seconds through your nose. Hold it in for about two seconds before gently exhaling for six seconds. Repeat as long as you need to calm down.

 A woman jogging

Exercise Is The Key

One of the ways you can get a hold of your anxiety is by doing some workouts and exercises like jogging. Some people might even suggest performing progressive muscle relaxation exercises. This includes contracting and relaxing muscle groups while focusing on the comfort and relaxation you feel.

Yoga can also aid with relaxation. People have been known to lower their heart rate and blood pressure with the help of deep breathing. In fact, if you continue doing yoga for some months, it may help you deal with general anxiety.

Take Control Of Your Negative Thoughts

Such thoughts could be about people or events, and they’re mostly spontaneous. They are frequently wrong. This could lead you to believe thoughts that are harmful to yourself and other people.

You can just write your thoughts down in your diary:

  • Think about all of your negative ideas in certain circumstances.
  • Write down positive thoughts that you can look back on when the negative thoughts arise.

If it gets hard for you to handle social anxiety alone, consult the experienced professionals at Let’s Talk You and Me. They offer affordable online depression therapy, social anxiety therapy, and stress relief therapy. Get in touch with them and book your Zoom appointment today!


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