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Why Becoming a Landlord is Not Easy

Being a landlord comes with great responsibilities. As a landlord, you’re responsible for the wellbeing and living conditions of your tenant and must adhere to all the laws and regulations set by the state. 

You may show off your power and authority in front of your tenants from time to time, but don’t forget the long list of responsibilities that you must fulfill to claim this power. More than 10 million Americans earn income from rental properties. While it does seem like a fairly easy way to make money, it’s not as simple as that.

This article will highlight the most important responsibilities and duties of a landlord.

Providing Safe Living Conditions

While terms vary from agreement to agreement and state to state, there are some basics every landlord must follow. You must provide your tenant with a habitable and safe living space. Your property must fulfill all safety codes and must be structurally sound.

Tenant Safety

As a landlord, the safety of your tenant within your property is your responsibility. If your property lacks proper security measures like locks and cameras, get them installed. This will make your tenants feel safer and help reduce the crime rate in the area.


Property Maintenance

As soon as the tenant reports a repair or other necessary work the landlord must get it done. If you neglect your duty, there may be severe consequences, depending on state laws. Additionally, you must address all the concerns of your tenants and ensure a regular maintenance routine is being followed.

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