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In-call Massage vs. Outcall Massage: What’s the Difference?

Walking along the Strip, you’ll notice many services you won’t find anywhere else in the US. But the services you can’t see are just as important as the ones you can. In other words, an Asian outcall massage by Asian Massage 2 Hotels is just as good, if not better, than an in-call massage anywhere else.

Keep reading to get acquainted with the two services and what makes them different.

An In-call Massage and Outcall Massage in a Nutshell

You can call an in-call massage an on-location massage because it’s offered at a particular location. This place could be the massage therapist’s own home, a salon, or any other place where you’ll have to make the journey.

On the other hand, an outcall massage turns everything on its head by having the massage therapist go to your location–your home, hotel, inn, or anywhere else. If you know anything about the traffic in Las Vegas, you’ll see this service for the blessing it is

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In-call vs. Outcall: Expenses

There are no standardized costs where in-call massage services are concerned. The rates usually depend on the time, work, and the establishment’s pricing criteria, so you may find some more expensive than others.

As for outcall massages, you’ll find that they cost more than your average massage because the quote includes the therapist’s travel expenses. You’ll more or less be spending the same money on an in-call massage because you’ll also be traveling to that location.

In-call vs. Outcall: Experience

An in-call massage therapist would certainly have more equipment on hand, such as a massage table, oils, scented candles, etc. However, those accessories aren’t exactly a prerequisite for an ideal experience.

If you’re a self-conscious person, you’d be better off without any of the above equipment if you’re in comfortable surroundings. That’s a sure thing with an outcall massage service like Asian Massage 2 Hotels.

The online service offers several body massage services in Las Vegas, including full body massage, Nuru massage, and 4-hand massage. Seeing as it’s a 24-hour service, you can request these massages at your chosen day and time.

Drop a line for Asian massage services Las Vegas.


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