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Two Hands Belonging to Different People Extracting Massage from Individual Bottle During a Massage Service

Here’s Why You Should Get a 4-Hand Massage

A 4-hand massage at Asian Massage 2 Hotels involves two massage therapists working in tandem to relieve pain and iron out the kinks in your body, leaving you sated and relaxed physically and mentally.

Here’s what you stand to gain from requesting this massage service in Las Vegas.

Double the Relaxation

Almost half of all customers who get a massage do so because of stress reduction. Their primary goal is to feel relaxed and stay relaxed until life throws another curveball at them.

A 4-hand massage guarantees this stress reduction and relaxation in half the time by involving not one but two massage therapists at a time. These therapists go over your body in choreographed movements, almost as if the hands administering the massage belong to one person.

Even so, the involvement of multiple hands is just confusing enough for your brain to halt any internal monologue, enabling you to relax and focus on the here and now.

 A Faceless Man Getting his Feet Rubbed During a 4-Hand Massage

Double the Pain Relief

A 4-hand massage is mostly recommended to athletes and people with chronic, possibly posture-related issues. In other words, the service is recommended for maintaining a physical lifestyle or correcting any long-term musculoskeletal problems.

People with such issues require something more heavy-duty than a regular two-hand massage. A 4-hand massage is intense enough to take care of any longstanding issues with your body. The only thing it takes away is the pain due to which you requested the massage.

Double the Exercise

If a regular massage can help you lose 67 calories in an hour, a 4-hand massage can help you lose just as much in half that time or twice as much in an hour. While that’s a tall order for any massage, you stand to burn more energy with a 4-hand massage because it’s more intense and goes much deeper than a simple rubdown.

If you’re in Las Vegas and find yourself in the mood for a 4-hand massage for any of the above reasons, you can request an Asian in room massage to your location with Asian Massage 2 Hotels. Visit their website to explore the body massage services they offer, including the previously mentioned 4-hand massage, full body massage, or Nuru massage.

Once you’ve taken your pick, call or leave a message for 24-hour massage services in Las Vegas.


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