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How To Improve PRP Results

How To Improve PRP Results

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP injections on their own are completely natural, wondrous procedures that produce impressive results. No matter how old you are, who you are, or what kind of shape you’re in, you’re most likely to see amazing benefits from PRP procedures for hair and skin rejuvenation.

However, some people see relatively better results than others only after a couple of sessions, whereas others notice very few positive results. Ever wondered why that’s the case? Keep reading to find out all you need to know before booking a session with a reputable med spa in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Blood Cells And Growth Factors

Many studies are being conducted surrounding PRP and its impact on tissue growth and healing. While there’s a lot of dissent on how the procedure affects the human body, most experts unanimously agree that the activated growth factors in platelet-rich plasma help stimulate tissue growth and healing to a certain degree. In simple terms, it attracts multi-potent and uni-potent stem cells to the treatment area.

However, the regeneration and healing factors differ from person to person for several reasons. Depending on the person’s age, health, exercise levels, dietary habits, and drug/pharmaceutical intake, some may see lesser or greater benefits from PRP. Part of this is because of the red blood cells count in their plasma.

When platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood, practitioners observe some people get less PRP volume than others. Less PRP means fewer growth factors and may lead to the results being slightly less satisfactory than they could’ve been.

Additionally, experts have noticed that compromised immunity and poor cardiovascular health can also impede the body’s regenerating ability. Certain over-the-counter pain medications or pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and recreational drugs can also significantly reduce the PRP procedure’s effectiveness. However, there are also plenty of things you can do to improve the PRP procedure’s outcome. Let’s learn more about a few of them in detail.

Ways to Improve PRP Outcomes

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  • High-intensity Cardio Workouts

This has to be one of the easiest ways to strengthen your immune system or ramp up your red blood cell production. You naturally get more PRP from your blood when the body produces higher red blood cells, while the turbo-charged immune system works simultaneously to give the best possible results.

  • Healthy Diet

Often a hard lifestyle change for most people, but adding more green leafy vegetables and adopting healthier dietary habits is a great way for long-term health enhancement. Cutting on sugary, fatty, and processed food can help lower cholesterol. It can also help regulate hormone levels, both of which help increase immunity and improve circulation—all beneficial to the PRP procedure’s outcome.

  • Increase B Vitamins and Hydrate

Staying hydrated and increasing vitamin-B intake can also help increase hemoglobin and red blood cell count. One great way of getting a super-charged mineral, vitamin-B infusion, along with increasing hydration levels, is to schedule a Myers’ Cocktail IV session a couple of days before the procedure.

Follow Post-Procedure Recommendations

Certified experts at Skin Loft will discuss with you a suitable routine to follow after the procedure to help you get the best possible results. From avoiding NSAIDs, smoking, and other recreational drugs to wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun for a few days post-treatment, there are many recommendations that the practitioners will brief you at the time of the treatment.

Stick to the entire regimen to achieve desirable outcomes. However, it’s important to be patient as the benefits of PRP treatments show up over time. Our bodies work on their own schedule so you shouldn’t expect immediate results. If you take pictures and keep a log of the overall progress, you’ll be positively surprised and delighted to see the difference between where you once were compared to where you are now in the process of healing and rejuvenation.

At Skin Loft, we understand the power and role played by healthy skin in our daily lives. We’re one of New York City’s top-rated med spas for Botox, Hydrafacial, Laser Hair Removal, Microneedling treatment, OxyGeneo facial, Under-Eye Fillers, Laser Sun Spot Removal, VI Peels, and several other skin rejuvenation treatments in NYC.

Many people also connect with us to learn more about our team, including non-surgical facelift specialists, hair treatment specialists, laser vein removal, laser tattoo removal, and Botox services. Give us a call to find our skincare clinic in NYC.


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