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Popular Cleaning Hacks That Actually Don’t Work

Popular Cleaning Hacks That Actually Don’t Work

How many times have you used a cleaning hack only for it to not work? Too many times! Well, you’re not alone; it has happened to almost all of us! We understand how convincing those cleaning hacks and tips can sound. Sure, some might work wonders, but others are just a waste of money and time. Unfortunately, some might even be dangerous to try.

However, don’t stress; we’re here to save you from hacks that DON’T work.

Sanitizing Sponges in the Microwave

Many sources claim that you can sanitize your sponges in the microwave. Sure, high temperatures can kill some bacteria, but research shows that the residual bacteria recolonize the sponge and make it unfit for use.

Therefore, it’s better to use disposable and washable wipes, microfiber cloths, or cotton for easy use.

Putting a Magic Eraser in Toilet Tank to Remove Tarnish

Sure, those little erasers work wonders for removing crayon marks on the walls and soap scums in the bathroom. But they don’t do anything to clean your toilet, and can also mess with your toilet’s flushing mechanism.

Erasers are composed of melamine foam and don’t disintegrate. Plus, they don’t have any antibacterial or dirt-lifting properties. So, putting a magic eraser in the toilet tank is a big NO!

Coca Cola is the Best Toilet Cleaner

a Coca Cola bottle

Is it possible to clean a toilet with carbonated soda such as Coca-Cola? Absolutely! Should you do it? Absolutely not!

Most carbonated sodas include modest amounts of phosphoric and citric acids, which gradually help remove rust and certain stains.

However, a liter of soda does nothing to destroy bacteria. Instead, it leaves a sticky residue that may serve as food for bacteria in the toilet. It’s best to stick to toilet cleaners to get the job done.

Coat Cooktops with Car Wax for Simple Cleaning

Grease and splatters can be nearly impossible to remove from cooktops, especially if they’ve been piling up for months. Some sources suggest using car wax to clean it. Sure, this can make the mess easier to wipe, but it can cause a fire too. So, refrain from trying such cleaning hacks.

Instead of wasting your time trying out useless hacks, why not opt for a professional house cleaning service?

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