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Why It’s Important To Responsibly Dispose Of Your Mattress

Why It’s Important To Responsibly Dispose Of Your Mattress

Experts encourage people to replace their old mattress with a new one every six to eight years. While replacing it with a new one for better sleep is important, disposing it responsibly is equally crucial too, if not more.

Often people are unaware, and unsure about what to do with their worn out mattress, and leave it lying around their trashcan. But calling junk removal services is the correct way of getting rid of it – here’s why.

A mattress with graffiti stands discarded


Landfills Are Bursting with Discarded Items

This might seem like an exaggeration, but it’s not. People discard their old furniture, tubs and other items that take up space in landfills. If you toss mattresses into the mix, there’ll be no space left for actual trash.

It’s known that once a landfill reaches its maximum capacity, the construction of a new one begins. This is quite alarming, as usually, landfills take up valuable land space.

Why Throw It Away Irresponsibly When It Can Be Recycled

When broken down, a mattress can serve a ‘higher purpose’ than sitting idly at a dumping site. Almost 90% of a mattress is recyclable, and is broken into the following parts:

  • Springs: These steel springs can be melted and made into scrap, or lightweight items.
  • Wadding: Also known as the ‘fluff, this can be recycled into fillings for throw pillows.
  • Foam: After cleaning it, people use foam either as an alternative for carpeting, or as refuse fuel.
  • Mattress Covering: While it does have other uses, junk removal servicesconvert it into refuse fuel due to fear of contamination.

a woman lies on her belly on top of a mattress


To Avoid Polluting the Environment

Yes, you might be an advocate for using paper straws—and that’s a good thing! You might even be a responsible citizen and dispose of your plastic and glass properly, but when it comes to mattresses, do you follow the same rule? Bear in mind that climate change is real, and you must ensure that you leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Disposing of a mattress the right way shows how you care about the plants and the ecosystem, and don’t want to damage it further.

Do You Need Help With Mattress Disposal? 

Let Junk Daddy help you. They are a junk removal service in Orlando, and can help you with trash removal, and furniture and mattress removal.

They take care of all your old, discarded items and ensure that they’re not thrown away irresponsibly.


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