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A Starter Guide to Succeeding in the Here and Hereafter

The so-called ‘Pathway to Enlightenment’ spans the entirety of a book called Spiritual Awareness and Well-Being by David A. Ramirez. Only by taking this path can you begin your journey to succeed in this life and the next.

Keep reading to find your way out of the dark and into the arms of the divine Spirit.

Be Honest with Yourself and Others

Believers, atheists, and agnostics might be divided on several matters, but their equal dislike for lying is the one thing uniting them. Once you’ve told a lie, you’ve not only sinned but also committed to more lies to hide or rationalize that one lie.

Lying is the fast track to failure in this world and the next. According to James 1:26, you can’t lie and consider yourself religious in one breath. If you do, you’re perjuring yourself against yourself, and in effect lying to yourself.

The white lies you tell can be your downfall, so ensure you’ve cleared the air and are true to yourself before embarking on your spiritual journey.

Have Sympathy and Empathy for Others

There’s a difference between honesty and brutal honesty. You can be one without being the other; you may also tell a righteous lie if it means protecting other people, helping them, or motivating them to move forward in the wake of a setback.

As someone on the pathway to enlightenment, you might be facing challenges, failures, and setbacks. Use your experience to warn others and thereby heal your inner self. Realize as you help others heal, you help yourself. However, if they don’t listen and fall into the same trappings, donot adopt an I-told-you-so attitude towards them.

Instead, assume an I’ve-been-there position towards their pain and suffering. Sympathize and empathize with their plight without being mean-spirited and help console them.

Don’t Let Ego Drive Your Decisions

Proverbs 16:18 associates pride with destruction and arrogance with outright failure. Although the verse can be interpreted in several ways, one thing is unmistakable: your ego is the last thing you need to succeed in this life and the next.

A person’s ego can be impulsive and incredibly persuasive, but also emotionally draining, keeping them anchored in reality, and not spiritually true to themselves. You’ll have more difficulty resisting this vice than any other while on the path to enlightenment. Releasing your burdens through constant surrender, prayer, and perhaps the guiding words to enlightenment of David A. Ramirez.

Read Spiritual Awareness and Well-Being: A Pathway to Enlightenment to find spiritual awakening and start your journey to enlightenment. Let this guided approach, written by a professor who’s studied religious philosophies for a simpler way to a better life and higher consciousness, light a proven path that doesn’t come with a map.

Purchase your copy of the self-help book today.


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