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A Step-by-Step Hospital Relocation Checklist

The increasing demand for healthcare requires larger healthcare facilities – which contributes to hospitals relocating to new spaces. However, relocating a hospital isn’t easy, and you need to be vigilant about several things. Here’s a complete checklist for ensuring a smooth transition:

  • Preparation
  • Communication
  • Transfer of Equipment
  • Contingency planning
  • Hiring a professional mover.

Let’s expand on each of these items on our checklist, one by one. Let’s begin!

1. Prepare Beforehand

During a relocation, the most important aspect will always be preparing for the move. The preparation steps include finding viable locations, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, and finding a place worth investing in. It will also include you deciding what date for relocation, contingency plans, and how to keep your hospital services up and running throughout the move.

2. Effective Communication

A hospital comprises several different departments, and there’s a lot at stake. So, you need to communicate your entire plan to the whole staff before even putting the plan in motion. You need to designate leaders for decision-making during the move, assign responsibilities, and ensure that everyone is playing their part in making the move a success.

3. Safe Transfer for Tech-Equipment

Hospitals often have several labs and technology departments that rely heavily on high-tech equipment. Their top worry would be to transfer and relocate this high-tech and expensive equipment with utmost care.

You need to ensure safe transfer, and you can achieve that by hiring professional movers.

4. Contingency Planning

Remember, with a hospital; there’s more at stake than just a few customers that would have to experience downtime. For hospitals, you always have to have a backup plan, which you can refer to in case something doesn’t go right.

5. Hiring Professional Moving Services

With something as time-sensitive as a hospital, don’t rely on your workers and freelance contractors to offer you a seamless transition. What you truly need is a professional moving service.

If you can’t find someone who doesn’t have specialized logistics, climate-controlled shipping, and an experience for smooth transitions, you need to take a look at Valley Relocation. They are one of the most trusted and experienced commercial moving services in Sacramento, Cordon, San Jose, and adjoining areas. Give them a call to get a quote for their services today!


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