Invest in Yourself and Maximize Your Potential

It hurts like hell when the world won’t invest in you. But it’s excruciating, almost more than you can bear, when you don’t believe and invest in yourself.

Julia Cameron

When working to achieve your goals and dreams, the worst thing you can do is spend all your time and energy helping others attain theirs.

Yes, you do at some point; need to work for someone else’s venture to gain life and professional experience. But if you spend all your time worrying about those projects, you won’t have any time to accomplish your own.

Investing in You

Investing in yourself can mean anything, from learning a new skill to developing yourself professionally or personally.

Whatever your choice, you should be assured absolutely that you are taking this responsibility to better your life and increase your potential for success. Only then can you be positive about your future and the life you feel is your right.

However, if you are clueless about where you should start, allow us to guide you. For your convenience, we contacted Bill Wooditch, the renowned leadership keynote speaker to provide us with his expertise.

Ways to Invest in Yourself and Your Potential

¶ Value Your Intuition

Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like something isn’t working out. Sometimes, we become so involved in the rat race that we forget our reason for going down the road. Listen to your gut feeling. If you feel like another option may be a smarter or quicker choice, take it. Don’t regret your decisions because you were too afraid to trust yourself. You’ve had the same experience (maybe more) as others have had. Trust it to guide you, in life and in business.

¶ Trust Your Creativity

As we grow up, we forget the value of creativity. Sure, you’re creative for your job, but creativity isn’t just about making something look appealing and vibrant. Creativity is having the mental capacity to note the fun, beauty and inspiration in the simpler things in life. So don’t limit your creative skills to the drawing board. Give yourself the chance to see more of the world than what your brain tells you. Remember your imaginative skills as a child, and stop seeking logic in everything.

¶ Build Your ConfidenceArticle32

People underestimate the value of confidence. You may want to live yourself as a wallflower, but you still can’t live a positive adult life without some confidence skills to help you through. Invest in developing your worth and have the courage to speak the truth. There is nothing worse than not being able to have your say in a matter where you could speak words of value. Give yourself the comfort of knowing that your stance will back your words.

¶ Attend Seminars and Workshops on Leadership

As a motivational speaker, Bill Wooditch has seen countless people who come to his seminars and workshops to learn about themselves. And each time, Wooditch encourages people to put all the above factors to the test. He urges people to show ‘themselves’ what they’re made of and asks them to use all opportunities to meet like-minded people. This forces them to overcome their reluctance to get out of their shells, which in the end works in their favor.

¶ Allow Yourself to Be Happy

Perhaps the biggest factor that contributes to you reaching your potential is the admittance to be happy.

We can all talk about the issues in our life, but ranting and raving about them will not make the problemsArticle33 go away. Instead, if we approach the situation with the phrase, “this is not impossible. I can do this!” you’ll see a major shift in your focus and stress levels. And soon, you’ll feel lighter and more grateful about your own attitude.

In short, this is the one fact that we want to leave you with:

“Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.” Warren Buffet

Lisa Scholfield

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