Lice Removal And You – Don’t Fall For The DIY Trap!

Lice Removal And You – Don’t Fall For The DIY Trap!

The first place people look at to confirm suspicions of head lice infestation (in their home) isn’t their child’s head but the internet. Come on!

Another thing people shouldn’t believe is effectiveness of DIY lice removal methods.

Dousing with Kerosene, Dumping Mayonnaise, Spraying Vinegar – What Has The World Come To?

We have heard it all. Some have even tried them, with mixed results probably due to manually nitpicking on the side. Many consider DIY lice removal treatments to be far superior than OTC chemically laced treatments (especially with the emergence of chemical resistant superbugs)—but experts have a bone to pick with DIY options too.

Are you thinking of trying out one of the following DIY lice removal treatment?

Suffocating Head Lice

Natural home-based lice removal remedies are the first methods that come to mind when speaking of DIY options.

Many parents and natural lice removal treatment sites swear by its effectiveness. Okay, but would you seriously consider applying a thick layer of mayonnaise, petroleum jelly or olive oil on your child’s head?

First off: delicious mayonnaise should only be applied on toast! Secondly, think of the mess that will surely be made by following this ancient lice removal treatment.

Fact: Head lice may (and that is a big may) suffocate and slow down—but they don’t die. Similarly, nothing happens to the nits at all. So this removal method requires for hours of grueling nitpicking.

Essential Oil Treatments

Ever bought essential oils from your local specialty store with the intention of using the product as a lice removal treatment? Of course not! How dare you insinuate that? Alright, it was just this one time!

We’ve seen some pretty desperate calls for desperate times but this DIY remedy takes the cake.

Parents have been known to apply tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, nutmeg and other essential oils on affected scalp for hours or overnight. This treatment is rumored to be effective in suffocating head lice.

Fact: Not all essential oils are safe. You never know; you or your child could be allergic to essential oils, developing an uncomfortable rash or irritation on the scalp. Furthermore, placing a shower (or any other plastic) cap on your child’s head while they sleep is dangerous.    

Tread with caution when treating head lice! You can contact Lice Busters for any questions regarding head lice inspection and treatment.


Lisa Scholfield

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