Living Your Best Life – Stop Chasing Happiness and Let It Come to You

What is happiness? It is a concept, a state of being, a combination of neurological responses in the brain.

We spend our entire lives chasing this elusive idea of happiness, rarely stopping to think whether what we think happiness is actually matches up to the reality.

The pursuit of happiness is often not a positive one—we are so focused on just getting to the goal of being happy that we don’t realize we’re letting our lives pass us by.

Live in the Present

Being happy isn’t an end goal; it’s fleeting and sporadic.

We catch glimpses of it in our daily lives and neglect to truly appreciate those instances because we’re looking ahead into an unknown future where we will have achieved ultimate happiness.

Take stock in the present. Be in the here and now. Recognize the importance of each stage of your life for what it is. You will discover moments of joy along the way.

Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations

We have a lot of expectations about what happiness is supposed to be like. For some it’s fame, for some it’s fortune, and for others it’s having a significant other. While these are all valid desires, we tend to put too much weight into our expectations.

Then, when the reality does not live up to the expectations we’ve built up, the illusion of happiness is shattered. Learn to let go of expectations that set you up for disappointment; it’s a struggle, but you will be better off and much happier for it.

Don’t Force ItArticle32

Don’t force happiness to come to you. Making yourself take on a positive demeanor day in and day out is not a healthy way to live out your life.

Sometimes you just have to accept other emotions, such as sadness. Forcing happiness won’t make it so, but opening yourself and your life up to it will help you discover joy. Be ready for new experiences, step out of your comfort zone and see the light of happiness flood in. The path to true happiness is not an easy one, but you can practice a lifestyle that allows you to discover it at your own pace.

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Lisa Scholfield

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