Looking for Inspiration: How Photographers Can Stay Motivated

While it’s the passion for immaculately capturing the immense beauty of our surroundings that motivates us, sometimes the passionate fire in our hearts is burned out.

For photographers, it’s highly important to stay motivated so that they can experiment, and tango with their creative side, releasing their inner artist.

However, it’s understandable that it’s easier said than done!

Many of us struggle with creativity, burnouts and trying to come up with innovative ideas, especially when we’re dealing with deadlines and spending long hours in the studio every day.

When you first pick up the camera, you find yourself jumping at every opportunity, trying to capture the beauty of raw emotions and peaceful surroundings. But as time passes, you find that passion slowly fading away. How can you rekindle the love and passion you once had for photography? Here’s how:

Carry Your Camera at All Times

Carry your camera at all times. You’ve probably heard this before but that doesn’t make it any less useful! Since creativity and ideas come spontaneously, it’s always a good idea to keep your camera with you.

It’s become easier to grab the perfect photo opportunity with smartphones. You can carry a camera around everywhere, and by that, we mean, everywhere.

From the grocery store to an amusement park, you never know when an idea will hit you.

Start Your Own Project 

Take inspiration from photographers who have started projects of their own.

It could be anything.

You can even start by photographing and interviewing people you see every day on the streets.

Engage them in a little chit chat and capture their story on lens.

Everyone has a story to tell and there’s bound to be an inspiring story lurking around the corner!

Look for Constructive Criticism  

While not a lot of people like being critiqued, it’s important to actively seek out constructive criticism. As professional photographers, we tend to lose our creative flair once we become comfortable with our craft. We don’t feel the need to polish our skills any further.

But the truth is, you never stop learning. Photography is an art and there are plenty of ways to approach an angle or creative idea. As professionals, we never stop learning.

Posting your work online can help you see your work in a new perspective. Perhaps there’s something that can be improvised. Other professionals can help you find out what you need to work on.

This helps bring fresh perspective to your work.

Watch a Few Tutorials

As mentioned above, we never stop learning. Watch a few tutorials online to help get motivated and inspired. When we see others approaching what we love with the same passion and enthusiasm we had when we first started, it helps us get back in the groove.

We are a community of professional photographers that offer online tutorials to beginners and professionals to further polish their photography skills. If you’re looking to improve and learn photography, check out our sample tutorials. You can even take a look at our complete workflow videos to get started.

Lisa Scholfield

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