What Makes a Good and Effective Leader?

There are leaders, and then there are good leaders. What does it take to become a leader who inspires his or her subordinates to do better and be better?

Leadership isn’t just about exerting control over a group of employees—it’s about being the source of inspiration to maximize the effectiveness of their respective performances.

There is a saying that goes “A leader is born, not made.” However, great leadership is not entirely innate. There are characteristics of an effective leader that one must actively inculcate in themselves—traits that must be learnt.

What are these specific qualities of a good leader?


A Perceptive Mind

Training yourself to be more perceptive to your environment and people you work with is imperative in order to be a leader that makes an impact. Being perceptive can mean merely observing the way your subordinates interact with you, which can clue you into their perception of you. The way your employees behave around you is a crucial factor.

Self-Assessment and Self-Improvement

A strong leader must constantly be vigilant about their performance. To ensure you are working to the best of your potential, assess yourself regularly to see where you stand. Knowing your weaknesses will allow you to work on improving yourself and your abilities as an authority figure.

Transparency and Open Communication

The relationship between employee and boss is an important one, one that calls for full transparency. Having a line of open communication with those working under you is necessary for an authentic work relationship that can consistently evolve.

Good Decision-Making Skills

A good leader is upfront and decisive; they are the ones who need to be making the difficult decisions and the final calls. Making an informed decision and sticking to it is what the job calls for, but there is no shame in admitting a mistake when one has been made. In fact, it’s encouraged!  Article22

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Lisa Scholfield

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