Moving Forward – One Step at a Time

Life tends to be full of ups and downs, but sometimes it feels like it’s at a standstill. Stagnancy leads to complacency—it’s simple and safe to be satisfied with mediocrity if it’s comfortable enough.

Worse than the stagnancy are a lot of ways life will put you down and bring adversity your way.

Rather than make that your new normal and give up all ambition, your best bet is to just keep moving forward. Make your way out of the clutches of the fear of change. You’ll find that what lies ahead is worth the effort to keep moving on.


Get Unstuck and Get Moving

What are you doing to keep yourself moving forward in life? This is not something you can sit around waiting to have happen—you need a plan of action; get working on it!

Know Your Purpose

It’s easier said than done, yes, but having a firm sense of purpose and knowing what you want in life propels you toward it.

The Excuses Need to Stop!

We make a lot of excuses for our actions to the people around us, but we make the most excuses to ourselves. To get you geared towards moving ahead and achieving a more fulfilling life, the excuses need to go.

Learn from Past Mistakes

No one got anywhere by repeating the same mistakes over and over. Learn to let go of regrets, and instead of wallowing in what you did wrong, think about how you could be doing it right.

Focus on YourselfArticle12

You and your journey are what matters—the rest is just background noise.

Learn to believe in yourself and know that you have what it takes to keep on moving forward.

Stick to baby steps, but as long as you’re making progress, you’re achieving your objective!

Bill Wooditch, a professional motivational business keynote speaker, emphasizes the importance of keeping yourself moving through life in his book, Always Forward! Enhancing your professional and personal life is not something that can be done from the safety of your comfort zone;  you have to step out and work on the relentless pursuit towards the kind of life you want.

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Lisa Scholfield

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