How to NOT Let Your Work Stress Get to You

You may have observed the constant presence of work-related stress in your everyday life. It may feel normal, given the fast-paced nature of the workplace culture today, but consistent stress is harmful to both your physical and emotional health.

A work-stress analysis survey conducted by Groupon revealed that over 60% of working Americans have little to no work-life balance; they do not have enough time to relax during the day. Even if your work encompasses doing what you are interested in and what you love, the probability of facing burnout is the same.

If the pattern of constant pressure continues, and you do not learn how to manage it, you’re in for some major problems.

When anxiety takes over

When your work becomes too taxing, it accompanies you home. You may have difficulty concentrating on your daily activities. Work-related stress even contributes to health issues, the most common being depression, irregular sleep, obesity and chronic cardiac ailments.

People tend to eat excessively or take on habits such as smoking and drinking above limits to cope with stress.

Organizing your work

Ambition is a great factor in continuing success. However, while you focus on doing your job well, avoid wandering toward extremes to maintain healthy working habits.

Do not set unachievable goals

Do not over-assume your work capabilities to such as extent that you set unrealistic goals. You will become too tense once you manage to reach them in time, or feel discouraged if you don’t. Take a step back and plan out your work strategically. A key to career success is organizing your work.

Do not respond in an unhealthy manner

When faced with stress, react wisely. Instead of diving into quick-fix habits – smoking, drinking or binge-eating – take on some healthy activities. Cardiac exercises, yoga and meditation have great mind-body benefits. Take up a good book in your free time, or simply create other hobbies.

Do not underestimate the importance of quality sleep time in recharging your mind and reenergizing your body.

Do not let your work cross your boundaries

Separate personal life and work life. This means no checking up on emails and no taking calls while you are eating and spending time with your family. If you need to plan for the next day’s work, allot specific time for it.


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Understanding the idea of stress in your work and learning how to prevent it from affecting you can help you rise to the challenges of a work life and maintain psychological well-being.

Lisa Scholfield

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