Perseverance—The Dedication To Getting It Right

“Remember when…?”

If you are at a stage where life seems rather obstinate, unmoving in the face of challenge, then it may be hard to image a scenario where you will laugh about the former hardships. Failure can be a friend or foe—depending on how you face it. You can let yourself drown under its glare or persevere to come out on top.

It is your choice, really.

Perseverance In History

After all, no one with an inspiring success story walked through life without hurdles. We take inspiration from and look up to these tales because they are littered with challenges.

When the iconic president Abraham Lincoln, who started out his life essentially buried in hardships, gave his all to build his life, he suffered through numerous personal and professional losses. He lost love and lost his sources of living multiple times.

When the now famed and beloved author J.K. Rowling first set out to publish her prized works, she faced rejection…more than once.

These people stand out as examples who could have given up. It seemed that their work, disregarded and disapproved as it was, wasn’t worth pursuing. This particular practice—defeat in failure—would have kept them from success, and it will keep you from yours, too. Where they became incredibly successful through perseverance, you can as well.

Set A Goal… And Keep To It

Perseverance does not necessarily mean rehashing the same method of reaching a goal—the method that failed. Many people believe that perseverance points to doing the same thing over and over again until that tenth or hundredth time is a success. In reality, that is a bad practice.

Change up your stance, look at your hurdle from a different angle. The only thing you need to maintain is your belief in your goal. There is more than one way to get to it, and perseverance means you try them all, despite the setbacks.

Persevere – By Controlling Your Emotions

Your ability to brush yourself off and get back up starts from your mental grit. How you perceive your hardships, failures and successes is how they will shape themselves.


Train your subconscious to believe that “you can do it”; it is the most powerful part of your brain. Once you do, it encourages you to brainstorm, to analyze your past mistakes and to devise a workable strategy for the next attempt at success.

Of course, getting motivated goes a long way toward supporting yourself and allowing others to support you as you push yourself to your limits. Motivation can be achieved in many ways; association speaker Scott Burrows, for instance, helps professionals across the country overcome adversity through his motivational keynotes. Take a look for yourself.

In the end, your success comes down to your own outlook on life. “Getting it right” is a work-in-progress; keep a positive approach and you will succeed before you even know it!

Lisa Scholfield

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