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Place a Classified Ad – Increase Traffic on Your Business Website

‘Business Opportunity – Avail This Excellent Opportunity by Contacting Now’

 Do you read the newspaper every morning? How often do you read the online version of the same newspaper? Do you always skip through the classified adverts sections or spend a few minutes skimming through?

Importance of Classified Ads 

An old-school concept it may be, but the classified section always generates a lot of interest from magazine and newspaper readers.

In fact, it is still the only section that people read with active engagement, circling out ads of interest with a pen or pencil.

For online marketers or blog/website owners wondering, “Can traffic be increased with classified adverts?

The short answer is yes.

Most Important Task – Increasing Traffic on the Website

This is an issue most online marketers and e-stores face. Yes, online marketing helps promote and sell products and services without spending big bucks. But that is only possible if there is a good volume of traffic coming to your website.

Classified adverts play a really important role here!

Here is how classified adverts attract and build traffic to your website.

How Does This Happen

Organic traffic is known as traffic from real visitors. This kind of traffic also builds the trust of potential customers towards that website or blog – and by extension your business.

This process runs a full-circle i.e. the more your audience is excited about your products and/or services, the higher the probability of them visiting your website.

What do the best worded classified adverts manage to achieve? Much-needed traffic to your blog or website by posting an engaging message, written in limited but eye-catching words!

You can also take one step ahead and include a hyperlink that takes visitors back to your website’s homepage, contact page, or sales landing page. This converts visitors into potential customers!


This is how a single hyperlinked line or word catches visitor attention, prompting them to click on the link and see what you are offering. Every individual who reads your classified ad online increases conversion possibilities by just visiting your product page.

Benefits of Classified Ads

There’s more— posting classified ads online are also beneficial because:

  • These ads are easy to use
  • These ads open a global market for services and products
  • Most classified ads can be posted online for free
  • These ads are created within minutes

It makes to reason how easy and convenient using classified ads can be when working on improving your website’s traffic.

Cannot figure what you want with your classified ad? Contact e-Pradesh, a useful online resource where you can post free classified adverts!

Lisa Scholfield

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