Effective Strategies

Posing Your Subjects: Effective Strategies

There’s nothing like a soft, gentle smile to melt your troubles away, even if it’s just for a little while.

A natural expression or a gentle touch can have a great impact on those around us. This is probably why so many people, including photographers, strive to capture that natural look. But with our subjects being so human – and thus, awkward in front of the camera – how are we supposed to get that natural expression and pose on camera?

For that, here are some posing tricks that might come in handy.

How to Make Your Subjects Pose the Right Way

Encourage them to Be Bigger

And by that, we mean bigger by making themselves physically bigger. Your subject will be nervous and shy, so try to make them feel physically bigger by stretching, jumping or simply dancing. Making them take up room will give them a mental boost since you’ll literally be making them come out of their comfort zone.

Teach them Some Tricks

You’ll find many posing tips in our photography tutorials online. We always try to teach subjects some short but useful tricks, simply because everyone wants to know how to look better in photographs. Learning the same tricks models use in their photo shoots will make your subjects feel more in control of their body and will boost their confidence.

Compliment them

There’s no use in flattery, since your subject will automatically think you’re being condescending. Instead, pay them a sincere compliment and tell them what you think they’re doing right. As a photographer, you’ll know exactly what’s working for your project. Use that assessment and make them stick to it.

Go Candid

Get them into the pose you need, then talk to them. Make them feel relaxed, get them to move. Going candid provides you with a more authentic expression and a less robotic pose. Instead of being stubborn with the poses, use the moment to your advantage. You can tweak it later, so don’t let anything ruin that good moment.

Show Them the Pose

There’s no point in telling your subjects what to do. If you want the right result, show your subjects what you expect from them and make them copy you. Answer their questions and show them their own photos, pointing out any angles you’d like to see more of. This is especially useful if you’re shooting a kid’s photo session since they require a bit more guidance.

IYPO offers these tips so you can improve your photography. Sure enough, your subject’s willingness to work with you will make them enjoy the photo session as much as you!

Lisa Scholfield

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