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Pump Yourself before Sales Meeting: Some Unusual Ways

Sales calls make sales rep nervous.

Despite being a remarkably rewarding profession, it can also be stressful and emotionally exhausting. In order to perform exceedingly well, sales reps must be confident and mentally connected at all levels.

Moreover, they should be ready and willing to answer all kinds of sales questions with spontaneity.

If you’re a newbie sales rep and are nervous about your first sales call, here are a few ways you can utilize to get pumped up:

Do a Victory Dance

A victory dance before every sales call can give you the right levels of energy, vigor and motivation to excel during the meeting. It helps you enter the zone at emotional and physical levels.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs

If you’re a music lover, you know that music is like a drug. For most people, it’s soul-survival. According to neuroscience, listening to your favorite song (or music genre) aids in releasing dopamine. Based on your music taste, this can help soothe your nerves and elevate levels of excitement and attentiveness.

Whether it is rock, pop or jazz, make sure you listen to your favorite songs before the sales call.


Meditation can tremendously help you in curtailing stress. According to the neuroscientists at Harvard, meditation can change your brain. It enhances cognition and will-power.

Instead of meditating for 20 long minutes, take out 2 minutes and consistently meditate without any interruptions. If not before every sales call, make sure you do it before your first sales meeting.

Imagine Your Desired Outcome

Imagine in your head what a successful sales conversation would feel like. Once you get a picture of your short-term sales call result, visualize the long-run benefits. Think what the closing deal would be like? What kind of a bonus would you get? What would you do with that money?

The more you imagine the situation, the better your mind would be prepared to make the sales meeting successful.

Sales reps have a lot on their shoulders. However, without adequate guidance, they will not be able to achieve their sales targets. Get in touch with Manal Haddad or read some of his blogs that provide businessmen and entrepreneurs with management improvement skills and tips.

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