Recognizing Alcohol Addiction: Getting Help In Time!

Recognizing Alcohol Addiction: Getting Help In Time!

Unlike most other drugs, alcohol abuse is not always a slippery slide down the hill.

Therefore indentifying symptoms is trickier as they are not immediately obvious. The effects of alcohol addiction are devastating and long lasting.

People who are on this downward spiral need to get help before they reach the final stage of alcoholism; recovering from which is difficult for the addict.

By keeping an eye out for these indicators within yourself, as well as those around you, you will be able to identify and reach out for alcohol addiction treatment in time.

WhiskeyYou Need to be ‘Buzzed’

Alcohol, like all other drugs, relies on one key function of the brain to make itself addicting; dopamine. Dopamine is natural chemical that your brain releases every time something positive happens to you to evoke feelings of happiness and joy.

Drugs make the brain flood itself with this chemical, which drowns it into blissful oblivion. However, prolonged substance abuse leads to falls in dopamine production which results in the abuser needing to consume larger and larger quantities of the drug in order to feel the same effect.

Alcohol abuse is not different and if you find yourself or someone you love developing a sudden tolerance to the drink and consuming larger and larger sums to feel ‘buzzed’, it is a sign of them becoming increasingly dependent on the substance.

TiredYou Just Can’t Stop

At some point on the slope, abusers start getting extreme cravings for the drugs. This is because aside from making us feel good, the human brain also relies on dopamine to perform some basic functions; like maintaining a functioning memory.

But the shortfall in its production leads to the body demanding more drugs just to keep operating.

Cravings are incredibly powerful and lead to even more substance abuse. It often leads to people drinking in risky situations such as when they are driving. If you have developed this phenomenon, it is critical that you immediately seek help.

AccidentsYour Life is Falling Apart

Alcoholism is accompanied by a host of other issues. Financial insecurity is a prominent factor as not only does the abusers productivity in the workplace fall; he or she also diverts large amounts of their income towards drinks. Abusers also fall into relationship troubles with their spouses, children and friends. All of this often leads to even more drinking to quell the pain.

Moreover, abusers also run into legal troubles because of any problems that they cause when drunk, such as driving under the influence.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, take them to the best alcohol rehab center in your area. If you are looking for alcohol rehab in Orange County, California, visit Orange County Recovery for extensive addiction treatment services.

Lisa Scholfield

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