Say No to These Career Change Mistakes

Changing careers is an act of passion and that’s a problem. Many aspirants simply don’t think it through. And their troubles are further exacerbated by the fact that they don’t have the tools and resources available to them that other entry-level job seekers do.

Head hunters often apologize from providing their services, and relatives are always on hand to tout their “I told you so” routine.

1But despite all these difficulties many people still go ahead and try to change careers because it is the only thing they can do to stay sane and sound despite. And for many of them, changing careers is the best thing they could have ever done.

If you are planning it anytime soon, make sure you aren’t making the following mistakes while overhauling your careers:

Not Pacing Yourself Financially

It is imperative that you develop a viable financial plan that will sustain through your transition. Many people come to us looking for career change advice and they have no idea how long the career transition will take. They often don’t have any funds to support them in the meanwhile. And that’s a recipe for disaster.

Giving Up Too Quickly

If you recently left a $67,000 per annum job to change careers and industries, chances are you won’t find a high paying job in a matter of months. In fact be prepared to work your up the ladder again to regain your precious pay scale. A career change can take many years to be effective so make sure you have the patience and resources to hang in there.

Changing Careers When You Are Unhappy

Your unhappiness isn’t caused by the job you are in. So instead of running away take some time off and analyze our situation to find ways of dealing with the feelings. Because no matter how many time you change careers or jobs, the unhappiness is going to follow you. Look inside you for a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

Choosing Workplace over People

Changing careers just because you want to work for a certain name isn’t a smart idea. The brand has nothing to do with the people you will be working with. And how they advertise themselves isn’t always the actual corporate culture prevalent inside. Let overall work ethos decide if the move is really worth it in the end.

Here at Tritek Consulting we work with you to take a long, hard look at your achievements so far.  Take the first step to a successful career; call on us for quality career development solutions.




Lisa Scholfield

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