What Are The Signs Of A High Quality Wristwatch?

Known as the true symbol of elegance and masculinity in fashion, the wristwatch is as personal an accessory can be.

It is an extension of your style and taste in aesthetic. Any design you choose isn’t wrong or right, classic or modern.

The right wristwatch is instead judged for its quality, its durability and reliance. Here are some factors that can help you determine whether the wristwatch you’ve chosen is a keeper!

The Basic Signs of a Quality Wristwatch

– The Weight

A watch makes its presence felt, through its beauty and its weight. The watch must relay its complexity in function, its mechanism through its weight.

– The Sweep

You might have heard the aficionados talk about the sweep of a wristwatch, the certain tick-tock or lack thereof in quality watches.

In true form, all wristwatches are supposed to tick-tock. However, in a quality watch, the mechanism of the timepiece is so well-tuned and constructed, that the ticks are sweep the dial at nine ticks per second, creating the sweep. This is the true difference between the tick-tock of a regular watch and the smooth mechanism of a priceless timepiece.


– The Name

It cannot be denied. A watch with a name – a tradition and reputation – attached to it, will have more allure to it than one without it. You’ll rarely hear someone talk about a Casio watch as fondly as they would about a Rolex watch.

– The ‘Swiss-Made’ Brand

Even with plenty of cheaper options available, the consumer market still vies for a ‘Swiss-brand’ watch for one basic reason – quality. Only watches and timepieces that are constructed, assembled and inspected in Switzerland have the authority to enjoy the ‘Swiss-made’ branding.

– The Accuracy

The basic function of a watch is to tell the time, reasonably well. The most precious watches so far that have been tested to be as accurate (within ten seconds of the actual time daily) have been the Swiss mechanical watches that are kept running through a self-winding pendulum or through a mainspring that is manually wound. These watches are provided with certification to ensure that their mechanism can stand the test of time.


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Lisa Scholfield

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