Substance Abuse Treatment And Family Involvement

When a family member is unwell, we do our best to be there for them. The same should be true when it comes to a loved one’s addiction problem.

However, it is difficult to address the issue or to help them seek treatment. Sometimes, family involvement may even prove to be counterproductive. Confrontations may lead the affected individuals to ignore their family’s concern.

However, if done the right way, family involvement can assist a person in managing their addiction and seeking proper treatment.

Before Treatment Assistance

Since every family is different, you need to approach the person in a suitable manner, depending on your relationship with them. There are counselors and therapists available in each city; however, speaking with the family may seem less intrusive for the affected person.

Addressing the addiction problem is the first step. You should understand that addiction is a mental health problem and takes more than will to overcome the problem.

Joining a treatment program is a good idea to move past the addiction. Families must talk about seeking help and support the individual in their choices.

During addiction treatment

Even after a person has enrolled in a program, family involvement is important. Overcoming addiction takes time. A person struggles both physically and emotionally.

There are several different treatment programs including inpatient, outpatient and residential treatments. Orange County Recovery offers a nontraditional addiction treatment service. They manage an outpatient treatment program while also providing an option to reside in their sober living residencies.

Families can come and meet their loved ones enrolled in the program. They can help in avoiding daily life triggers. Furthermore, they also provide services to help families in supporting their loved ones who’re going through treatment.

After the treatment

While treatments are most often successful, integration in society means handling daily life triggers such as job stress and peer pressure. In maintaining soberness, a person requires someone who they can confide in about their struggles.

Several family support groups are present to assist families in dealing with sobered individuals, post treatment. Such programs offer discussion and suggestions for families to assist them in being a constructive presence for the affected individual.

If you think one of your loved ones is addicted, approach the subject in a kind manner. Avoid using words that convey blame. Refrain from evoking a sense of guilt in the affected individual.

Have a family member or friend who needs help recovering? Enroll them in an addiction treatment program such as the one offered by Orange County Recovery. For a quick view, check out their brochure.

Lisa Scholfield

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