Surviving Divorce: Where to Find Help?

Divorce, separation or any situation where you have to let go of a loved one is a turbulent and troubling time.

Life after and during your separation can push you into an emotional turmoil, mainly because you are letting go of a partner that you once wanted to spend your life with. This makes you feel abandoned and anxious.

Nevertheless, while this situation does feel like a nightmare, there is no reason why we cannot take steps to handle it constructively.

Ending a Relationship

Before you take the next step in your divorce proceedings, pause and evaluate the situation. Is there anything you can do to save your marriage, any positive step you can take? If you can, try coordinating with your partner. But if there is nothing to be done, be ready for a lengthy process.

Stay communicative with the other party. Find the right representation and make sure that you have a good legal team that will handle your case as professionally as possible, so that the process goes smoothly.

During the process, speak your mind, but remain polite and co-operative—especially if children are involved. Any adverse behaviour will only ruin your mode of communication and make the divorce more difficult for you.

Surviving Divorce

Surviving a separation can be extremely tough, especially if it is paired with depression or anxiety. And while it may seem impossible for you to move on with your life just yet, keep in mind that you will move on.

Allow Yourself Time

The worst thing you can do is not give yourself time to grieve. The sorrow of going through a divorce has to be felt if you want to come out the other side as a new person. Ideally, allow sufficient time and care for your consideration.

If you follow the above advice and conclude your marriage on polite terms, you will feel more than ready to give yourself the care you deserve. Though you may have feelings of bitterness, anger or pain, you will not be as scarred by your experience.

Bring Your Finances into Order

Understand that with your divorce proceedings, your finances may suffer a blow. You will need to take your income into account if you live separately. However, since doing so carries a large financial price, you may need to explore options.

Good advice and a good source for information can help you manage your resources so you can cope with your divorce.

Balance Life and Work Demands

It will be difficult. However, you will need to make decisions based on your own life and consequences. You may face a lot of stress, but you will need to be stronger.

Lastly, during all these complications, give yourself time to relax. Since it is a big change in your life, you will feel overwhelmed. You will need to meditate and bring yourself to a stop if you feel that you’re not able to cope.

Take the Right Step: Hire a Coach!Article22

Life transition coaching has helped many people cope with their divorce in a positive and constructive way.

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Lisa Scholfield

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