Taking Care Of Your Car – 5 Preventive Maintenance Tips To Follow

There’s no denying the significance of preventive maintenance when it comes to cars but are we, as car owners, doing enough?

According to a study, car owners with newer models are investing more in physical modification products such as wax, polish, glass cleaners, and tire foam.

However, the same study also points out that car owners with older models are showing desirable behavior when it comes to maintenance. Does that mean newer car models don’t require preventive maintenance? Absolutely not!

Car owners, regardless of the model, should not dismiss car maintenance as a side note. Here are five common maintenance tips that car owners should follow to prolong the life of their car:

1. Fluids – Check It Before You Wreck It

Keeping track of your car’s fluids helps you avoid repair services that could cost you hundreds of bucks. It’s a simple, easy to follow yet highly effective tip.

Checking your car fluids allows you to stay on top. Moreover, it helps you in detecting any leaks that could lead you to be stranded on the side of the ride and subsequent spending on repair services.

2. Doctor’s Appointment – Don’t Miss It!

Your car’s scheduled service is like a doctor’s appointment and you should treat it as such. Scheduled car service ensures that even the smallest of issues can be dealt with preventively.

Economically speaking, it makes more sense to be preventive rather than deal with hefty expenses down the road. Moreover, it can reduce your vehicle’s lifespan and give way to other bigger problems.

3. Your Tires Get Tired Too

Needless to say, your tires are imperative to the car’s overall operation. It’s important to take good care of your tires. You don’t have to get them replaced every few months but ensure that they are rotated appropriately and always running at the right pressure.


Providing your tires with the right preventive maintenance ensures safety for you and everyone else.

4. Smooth Startups Ensure Smoother Rides

Once you start the car, don’t just step on the gas. Your engine needs constant lubrication and when the car starts, this lubricating oil needs time to circulate properly. Allowing your engine to run for even a few seconds ensures proper lubrication before you hit the gas.

Your engine’s lifespan is synonymous with your car’s life. Starting it smoothly will not only ensure your car runs smoothly throughout the ride but it will also increase the duration of engine oil replacement.

5. Clear The Air – Replace That Air Filter

A dirty air filter is the equivalent of your car having polluted lungs. The air filter is responsible for accumulating dirt all the while your engine is running. Replacing it regularly or at least having it cleaned up with compressed air ensures that your car won’t choke on its performance.


Except for the first tip, you’ll need a reliable auto mechanic to follow the rest. Many people don’t go for preventive maintenance because they fear being overcharged for basic maintenance services.

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Lisa Scholfield

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