The Dangers of Thinking “What If”

How many times have you said “no” to a great idea because of absurd doubts that had no real foundation?

“What if I didn’t get in?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if it doesn’t work out in the end?”

If the world’s most brilliant minds began to follow the insidious voice of doubt (that pesters the best of us), there would be no new inventions, no new discoveries and certainly no new ideas capable of inspiring revolutions.

What if” isn’t a speculation or profound reflection; it’s a harbinger of crippling uncertainty and fear—fear of failure that only grows real because you treat it as if it were.

What If Your Thoughts Could Change Your Reality…

Article22According to renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Norman Doidge (M.D.), the brain is capable of showing incredible adaptability—with fascinating case studies testifying to the phrase “mind over matter”.

When you hear people say “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”, they’re generally referring to the irrationality of fearing something that has yet to happen, and indeed may never happen.

Motivational speakers, athletes, philosophers, counselors—all wellness advocates talk endlessly about the power of channeling our thoughts, and the part they play in shaping the course of our reality.

When we want to do well at life—be it sports, jobs, social life or fitness—we harness our inner strength by listening to words of wisdom and inspiration. We take comfort in words that fuel our fire and push us to perform better.

Instead, we could also look up all the reasons why we might fail and prepare for the worst-case scenario.

But the wise among us refrain from entertaining all notions of failure.

Because once you consider failure to be an option—you invest your energy into envisioning and materializing something that is ultimately undesirable.

What If None of This Matters

It’s normal to feel uncertain about making life-altering decisions.

Am I ready for marriage and kids?

Do I really want to move across the continent for a job?

Is this what I want from life?

Taking a moment to reflect on big changes and trying to understand if you’re ready to face them is an act of wisdom.

Holding yourself back due to illogical fears simply because you’d rather not try than fail—that’s a weakness that can easily be turned into one of your greatest strengths.

Don’t let two small words compromise your chance at success.

Turn your “what if” into “what’s next” by practicing mindfulness.

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Lisa Scholfield

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