Kind to Yourself

The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself

Doesn’t it feel absolutely amazing to have someone be kind to you? Even though most of us don’t admit it, the simple fact is that everyone craves the warmth, the bonding and a sweeping sense of gratitude that embodies kindness.

So why not make it a goal to be kind to yourself,and experience the appreciation regularly?

Pay Special Attention to Yourself

When you are patient, forgiving, listening and encouraging to yourself, you create a space for others to be themselves around you and experience their feelings comfortably.

Allowing yourself to feel negative and painful feelings is the only way to move on from them. Suppressing these feelings and covering them up drags you down and leaves nothing but self-pity. On the other hand, being compassionate to yourself involves confronting your feelings and efficiently dealing with pent-up emotions.

Watch Your Words – Especially the Ones You Say to Yourself!

Self-talk is constant in all our lives. Some of this personal chatter is positive, and other times it is heartbreakingly negative. Do you often say things to yourself that you’d think twice before saying to others? Things such as “you dummy” or “you don’t deserve good things” or “how could you even do that?” can invade your internal dialogue.

If someone else gave you these reprimands, wouldn’t you be hurt and disappointed?

Be kind to yourself and be aware of all the negative self-talk. You aren’t motivating yourself with these jibes, just driving yourself further down the abyss of self-pity and even self-loathing. Use words of encouragement and accept yourself as you are, faults and all.

Give Time, Energy and Joy!

Treat yourself. Everyone needs to recuperate and rejuvenate. So why wait for someone else to do it for you? Turn off the gadgets and enjoy a simple warm bath, take time to enjoy that cup of coffee you have every morning, read a book in solitude, and do what your heart needs to feel good again.

You give to others without question. Give yourself the same kindness and do it often. Besides, how can you continue to give to others when you don’t have enough of it yourself?

Once you have decided to be kind to yourself, you will find out that life gets infinitely better.

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Lisa Scholfield

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