The Psychology of Success

All of us deal with hardships that make us sometimes second-guess our strengths.

We are also grateful for the blessings—the little and big things that make our lives worth living and the struggles worth fighting.

Our definition of hardships, challenges, blessings, good times and bad times are unique.

That being said, many of us would also agree that life isn’t fair. The truth is it never gives us anything more than what we can handle.

It surely seemed like that you couldn’t continue anymore when a family member passed away two years ago. When you were laid off last year, you were broke and unsure how you were going to make things work. When your business profits took a plunge, you considered wrapping up operations.

Now consider your mental and physical position. Did the world really crash? Did thousands of dollars in losses lead to total failure? Didn’t you make it through the unemployed part of your life somehow?

Regardless of how it felt back then, you still made it and are still going strong.

This Is What True Success Is All About

Not letting external forces decide how negatively impactful a challenge should be, but turning that suffering into wisdom, embracing your strengths as well as weaknesses and fast-tracking it all toward self-actualization.

Being Conscious of the Reasons Behind What You Do

We are all where we are right now for a reason. Look at it from a career point of view or a personal one—it is true for both.

Now consider if the personal and career stage you are at right now coincides with your passion and drive. If it doesn’t, it might be time to realign your goals, break free of the patterns that others before you have set and do something that truly satisfies your inner self.

Be Open to Prosperity

According to cognitive psychology, our feelings and behaviors are preceded by our thoughts. Never try to limit your potential by self-imposed, self-limiting beliefs.

Remember that success is a state of mind. If you want to be successful, visualize yourself as successful.

Read about the Abundance Theory and how it helps you welcome all that is good in your life.

Kill the Inner Critic When Necessary

Isn’t it supposed to help? It is. However, when that inner voice has negative thoughts attached to it, mostly originating from past events, it might be time to put a lid on it. This will ultimately help you develop a neutral attitude toward all challenges you face, enabling you to deal with even the toughest of situations with ease.

Accept That Growth Is Not Linear

Regardless of how positive your mindset is or how well you manage challenges, there will still be times when the inner critic takes over. If this happens, keep your cool. We are all human. No one can be perfectly immune to feeling negative or hopeless. What matters is what you learn from these feelings. Be resilient, be persistent and stay strong.

So, what is success from a psychological point of view? It is about achieving and living your life in a way that is in line with good for yourself and for others around you—to the highest extent possible.

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Lisa Scholfield

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